The route from Heraklion Airport to Kalamaki (65 kilometers)

Leaving the parking area of the airport, you must turn right on the traffic lights that you will come across . After 2 to 3 minutes you will see a bridge right in front of you . At that point you must turn right and enter the highway towards Rethymno.

Leave the highway taking the exit towards Moires or Timpaki (5 km. Exit). In the end of that road, turn right and keep going until you reach Moires.

You can drive right through Moires and continue towards Tympaki. Just outside Tympaki (about 800 meters) you will see a “Nissan” car dealership on the right side of the road. Here you must turn left and follow that way until you find the crossroad of Kalamaki – Kamilari . At that point you must turn right and continue for about 2 kilometers to Kalamaki.

When you enter Kalamaki, you will see a sign with the name "Alexander Beach Hotel", and when you get there, you will receive the key of your villa.

An hour or so later, we will welcome you in our premises.