Triopetra (Three Rocks) Beach

Triopetra is located about 52km south of Rethymno and 13km southeast of the village Akoumia, at the foot of the mountain Siderotas and next to dense green olive groves. It can be accessed by car, through the paved roads that start from Akoumia or Sachtouria. It is the central part of the vast beachfront, called Akoumiani Gialia, i..e Akoumian Beach. This is named like this because the wider area of Triopetra was once the winter “refuges” of Akoumia village residents, who had built small cottages to spend the night near their lands. Today, the lucky Akoumians have repaired the cottages near the stunning beach.

Triopetra consists mainly of two beaches, which are separated by a small peninsula. At the edge of the peninsula, in the sea, three majestic rocks rise. Triopetra is named after these rocks, since it means “Three Rocks”.